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Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab محکمہ لائیوسٹاک و ڈیری ڈیولپمنٹ پنجاب

The Punjab Government in the Livestock and Dairy Development Department moved swiftly to undertake, perhaps, the biggest transformation in organizational posture in its recent history: transforming the role of Provincial Livestock & Dairy Development Department from “Disease Attendant” to “Livestock Asset Manager” by inducing a complete paradigm shift initially from curative to preventive to set a stage for making the whole sector competitive, for ensuring food security; improving live of stakeholders and for ultimately generating exportable surpluses for domestic and international markets.
The semi-arid and arid climatic conditions of the country coupled wisth shrinking water resources due to varied reasons have severely undermined the future prospects of crops, if practiced as per the prevalent model.
Statistics from the Punjab Agriculture Census, 2010 are quite significant from the perspective of devising a strategy for the agriculture development as land holding size in the Punjab renders it relatively unfeasible economically unless deployed for horticulture or livestock rearing. Moreover, it reveals huge numbers (68.6%) of absentee land holders out of 90% less than 12.5 acres’ holders, which on one hand shows demographic transition (migration) from rural to urban side and on the other hand competing cost for agriculture labour market with urban markets with the resultant relative shrinking supply of labour in the rural areas, thus putting extra burden on the already fragile Agri ecosystem, historically witnessing price shocks.